rest n relaxation

happy bank holiday monday!

I do love a good three-day weekend … and I’ve just worked out that since I’m off on vacation on the 16th, and we have May Day AND the May Bank Holiday this month plus that gorgeous Queenie’s given us a day off for the jubilee (I knew she’d come in useful), I don’t have a full five-day working week now until June 11th!  Awesome … and then it’s just the one week before I have a couple more days off for a friend’s hen weekend.  I feel that this is the correct order of things, and that all my working weeks should follow this kind of pattern!

Actually, it couldn’t come at a better time for me.  On Friday I realised how burned out I’ve become, so I decided – starting then – to have a rest week.  I always hear heaps about how rest weeks are super-important and how you should have one at least every six weeks, but I’ve never really gotten to the point before where I needed one.  When it gets to the point though that I can’t do a single pull-up, I know it’s time to give my poor overworked body a rest!

Of course, it would be too much of a shock to my endorphine-addicted system to choke myself off completely, and in any event I have quite a few other obligations which aren’t really moveable at short notice (like teaching four burlesque classes yesterday, for example), but I’m leaving P90X2, all gym classes, personal training, running and swimming until at least later this week unless I suddenly have a crazy rush of energy earlier than that.  It’s not looking likely though!

I’d love to say that I’ve had a really healthy couple days since I made this decision … but I’ve been chowing down on cinnamon pretzels (mannnnnnnn I wish Auntie Anne’s had never opened up in Hammersmith, it’s a dangerous place.  And it’s positively cruel to put it by the entrance to the tube station) and generally being bad.  Last night I had a massive night with some of my gorgeous girls at a huge burlesque party, and vodka, cranberry and cocktails were all on the menu.  I definitely can’t claim that that’s a healthy menu (shame).

Although I wouldn’t choose to live, eat and drink like this all the time (obviously, otherwise I would live, eat and drink like this all the time!) I have enjoyed the last couple days having a proper blow-out and I definitely think I’ve needed it.  Mind you, having arrived home at 4:00 this morning I can’t say I’m feeling especially rested today :).  However now I’m genuinely looking forward to eating well for the rest of the week and I’m even secretly excited about getting back into exercise later in the week.  God, I’m such a freak (but a lovable one!).



2 comments on “rest n relaxation

  1. You’re not a freak that makes absolutely perfect sense. I’m glad you were able to give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and not feel guilty about it.

  2. I never read this type blog. every sentences are story of relaxation and after read i fee really relax..

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